This is the original training area from when we opened our doors in 2010 and where all the fun happens. Packed with smiling faces banging out combos instructed by the best coaches in the region, this space has safety matting to soften any falls. We also have gloves and shin pads for new members to borrow, both in kids and adult sizes, so you aren’t forced with an outlay of cash when you start your membership.


Our bag rack is a piece of engineering mastery, custom built by one of our trainers, it holds 8 different boxing bags, including 2x 6ft heavy bags, 4x 5ft heavy bags, a tear drop bag and a wall bag. The bag rack area also houses 8 kick shields, a power punch shield and ‘ground and pound’ bag as well as 14 sets of Punch Equipment focus mitts and Thai Pads that are sterilised after every use. We also have a rack full of every size of skipping ropes for toddlers right through to adults and no quality has been spared for the comfort of our members.


Our competition size boxing ring is where most of the Muay Thai action takes place. Lined with trophies and title belts collected by our trainers, it’s always a hustle and bustle throughout the day with Muay Thai Personal Training sessions for the fitness enthusiasts, and in the afternoons it’s full with fighters preparing for fights. Our ring has all the safety accessories and is often hired out for Boxing and Muay Thai fights around FNQ and is second to none in Cairns. (For info on our ring hire CONTACT US)


Our Cross Training space has functional fitness rig with durable hard rubber flooring, it includes 5 squat racks and all the modern equipment you expect from a leading fitness facility. With 4 ‘Concept 2’ rowers, 5 Assault Bikes, over a tonne of bumper plates, a tonne of dumbbells and kettlebells, 4 rope climbs, pull up and muscle up rings, battle ropes, a variety of wall balls, sand bags and slam balls, an ‘Astro Turf’ sled track as well as all the mobility and recovery equipment you need. With all our training equipment there is never ending combinations of exercises to keep things fresh and exciting for every class.


As well as our 4 main indoor areas we utilise our outdoor space with 10 tyres of varying sizes to flip or hit with our 3 different size sledge hammers, we have a GHD machine, 6 boxes jumps, 200m, 400m, 800m, 3km and 5km running tracks around the neighbourhood back to the gym. We also have a Front Desk with our fully stocked Fight Shop, 2 toilets, a shower, cold drinks for sale, a cold water fountain, a 62” and two 58″ TVs to display programming and watch technique and fight videos and movies nights for the kids and fight nights for the adults, multiple whiteboards to keep track of your workouts, 9 industrial fans, 2 whirly birds and exhaust fan to keep the gym as cool as possible in summer, but above all professional (yet sometimes goofy) coaches and a supportive training environment to keep you motivated.